Lifestyle Forms

Life is full of surprises and unforeseen events that disrupt our daily routine. Most are insignificant and coped with easily. Others can be of major, life-changing significance.

While no one ever expects an emergency, you can be prepared. These useful checklists will help prepare you and your loved ones in case of emergency. Download the convenient forms, complete the information, and make sure a loved one or trusted advisor has easy access to these documents in case of an emergency. Not sure about what to include? Contact a Central Investment Advisor – we are glad to help.

The forms are provided here in a format you can download, complete and save electronically.

Prefer a paper copy? Contact any of our advisors for a complimentary set of checklists.

  • A Checklist For Life’s Unforeseen Events
    Who do I call? What documents do I need? Where do I find everything? You’re never ready for an emergency. You can be prepared. This handy checklist can help.
  • Beneficiary Designation Checklist
    You have probably designated beneficiaries for specific assets throughout your lifetime. Situations may change over time. Periodically reviewing your will and beneficiary choices is crucial to ensuring your assets wind up with the loved one or charity you intend.

    The Beneficiary Designation Checklist is an efficient way to keep your choices up-to-date. Take time to complete the checklist and share a copy with your estate attorney, financial advisor, and administrators of your various retirement or investment accounts.

    Keep your copy handy and refer to it at least annually, or whenever you, a family member or one of your beneficiaries experiences a life-altering event such as

    • marriage or divorce
    • birth of a child
    • death of a named beneficiary
    Regardless of the reason, be sure to contact your financial advisor, life insurance companies and/or the administrators of your various retirement accounts to ensure your choice of beneficiary is updated should you decide to make a change.
  • Document Locator
    In emergencies, it is critical someone know where important documents may be found. Use this handy checklist to ensure a trusted family member, friend, caregiver, attorney or advisor can find important documents in a timely manner.

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